G - Global as a way out of the global economic crisis. Collective efforts are needed in the fight against the world economic crisis. Leading economists of the country support the idea of President Nursultan Nazarbayev to create a dialogue platform G-Global. According to Academician Kenzhegali Sagadiyev the world economic crisis forum is called upon to work out concrete recommendations on the way out of the crisis with the participation of both developed and developing countries. KANZEGALI SAGADIEV, ACADEMICIAN NAS RK : - It is necessary to connect many countries to discuss these problems. Every сountry has own positive or negative experience, which is worth to study. Discussion of these problems will help to share experience to overcome the crisis. As a result of this very broad exchange we can determine any specific measures to overcome the crisis and to ensure the sustainable development of the economy and the world. It is basically the initiative of G- global and the initiative of President of the RK N.Nazarbaev. June 26, 2012. “Khabar”
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